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How to Use a Prayer Journal to Get More From Your Bible Study

The Soul Path’s next online study is March 17. Join us for a St. Patrick’s day study on using prayer journals to enhance our Bible studies and prayer life. Cost is $14.95. Sign up to attend via our WiZiQ Virtual Classroom.

This is a hands-on class, and you will get the most from it if you come armed with:

  • Something to write on (notebook, diary, journal, etc.)
  • Pen or pencil
  • Bible

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Amy Jo Garner

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I see the world through a lens of wonder and awe. My inspiration comes from the smallest inner workings of the natural world, and I translate that inspiration into photographs, digital art, mixed media pieces, and oral and written commentary on the world as seen through my eyes. You can visit me at my gallery and shop most weekends. Check my blog for more information.Love of nature leads easily into life as a gardener. I garden on less than a quarter acre in an urban neighborhood. I grow a variety of vegetables and ornamentals and keep chickens for the eggs and the fertilizer. My goal is to turn my little urban plot into a bit of permaculture heaven.When I’m not wearing my artist apron or my gardening clogs, I spend my days working as an educator. I am the director of education at a local college, an adjunct speech professor at a local Christian college, and hold classes online through my own company, Oklahoma School of Personal Development (OKSPD). I am passionate about helping others find their place and their passion in this world.Finally, I am a WordPress geek and like all things Android. I am a fan of and participant in the open source movement. All of my artwork and the materials used in courses with OKSPD are Creative Commons licensed.Connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter! I would love to share creative visions with you.

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