God * Wisdom * Purpose

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Soul Path Personal Development is a full-service Christian mentoring business. Our goal is to help individuals improve their lives by exploring and expanding their spirituality. Our mission is three-fold:

  • God – increase your awareness and understanding of the Divine
  • Wisdom – expand your abilities to act and think wisely
  • Purpose – amplify your God-given talents and mission

Pastor Amy Jo Garner started Soul Path Personal Development to meet the needs of women and men who want a deeper, richer spiritual life. Our programs are designed to enhance all aspects of a person’s life: a spiritually rich life is a rich life!

Spiritual Cinema Circle
Amy Jo Garner

Amy Jo Garner

artist, gardener, educator

I am an inquisitive and creative soul who sees the world through the lens of my camera. My inspiration comes from the smallest inner workings of the natural world, and I translate that inspiration into photographs, digital art, mixed media pieces, and oral and written commentary on the world.Love of nature leads easily into life as a gardener. I garden on less than a quarter acre in an urban neighborhood. I grow a variety of vegetables and ornamentals and keep chickens for the eggs and the fertilizer. My goal is to turn my little urban plot into a bit of permaculture heaven.When I'm not wearing my artist apron or my gardening clogs, I spend my days teaching at a local college, holding classes online through my own consulting company, and building my Avon sales team. I am passionate about helping others find their place and their passion in this world.

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